About Jim Wilson

He possesses broad cross-industry experience including systems design for: oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, insurance, utilities, medical, manufacturing, finance, and aerospace/defense (executive, project and technical) leadership experience.  He also managed an engineering team performing new technology investigation in the fields of natural language interfaces for ideographic languages e.g., Mandarin Chinese as well as worked in the audio enhancement while a member of Intel’s Architecture Labs.

Jim Awarded Microsoft OEM Technology “Partner of The Year” for 2006

As a leader of Intel’s IT strategic architecture group he authored many of Intel’s Enterprise IT Architectures which are the standards by which all computer engineering configurations and deployment implementations are governed throughout Intel’s global enterprise infrastructure.

He has been requested by Intel, Microsoft, the US Government, Oil Companies and IBM to present at conferences on technical and marketing approaches for new technology-based systems along with their attendant new standards. He is also an internationally known expert in Microsoft software, silicon chip architecture, video encoding and technology strategic directions. He’s been the chief architect of a national broadband TelCo-type HW/APPs infrastructure which was specifically engineered to be able to process and monetize new digital media formats like HD video.

He has led multiple cross discipline joint dev teams that included MSFT and LSI engineers developing HW & SW to accomplish performance objectives utilizing custom Si components. He has  worked as:

  • Senior Engineering Director of LSI
  • CTO and VP of Microsoft Technologies of Tarari, Inc.
  • Senior Principal Scientist  of Intel  and
  • Engineering MGR at General Dynamics.

He has over 30 years of experience in large-scale enterprise-wide systems,
distributed systems, HW & SW for silicon chip development,
microprocessor and ASIC manufacturing development, image processing,
video processing, parallelism, audio enhancement R&D, network design
and IT enterprise infrastructure implementation.

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