Technology Trends 2020

Important Trends & Challenges

  • COVID-19 Social Distancing and The Techy Workplace

  • Reliability expectations from information consumers will continue to present the biggest challenges for chip manufacturers and OEMs in 2020.
  • Leveraging Social Networking as a part of an Enterprise Infrastructures will force HR and IT to work together to harness the tremendous potential of today’s socially networked employees.
  • Info Security and Data Leakage will drive new security methodologies to go beyond strong passwords to protect enterprise information.
  • Public Objects Accessible via Mobile Phones
  • Internet “Things” will change the way people interact with information
Internet of Things SRI Roadmoap
Internet of Things SRI RoadMap
  • While consumers fall in love with “personal clouds“, Enterprises will begin deployment of hybrid clouds that combine public and enterprise only secure cloud infrastructures,
  • Mobile computing and Cloud technology will meet up in unusual places like auto and home appliance functional applications.
  • Large Data Mining Applications will begin utilizing the Visualization capabilities inherent new Si chip complexes shipped by Intel et al.
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